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Natural American Foods Establishes Global Quality Ingredients, To Source And Deliver Highest Quality Natural Food Products

ONSTED, Mich. (Dec. 4, 2014) — Natural American Foods, Inc., a leading producer and distributor of honey and other food products, announced today that it has established Global Quality Ingredients, Inc., a global food ingredient procurement subsidiary, to source, test and deliver safe, high-quality and fully traceable natural food products to its blue-chip retail, food service and commercial ingredient customers.

Global Quality Ingredients will source a variety of natural food ingredients, including honey, molasses and agave, from a wide range of global locations. Global Quality Ingredients has put in place a world-class staff across three continents, led by Chris Nubern, a seasoned industry executive who will serve as the Company’s Chief Procurement Officer. Joining Mr. Nubern at Global Quality Ingredients will be Jean-Francois Chalopin, the newly appointed Head of International Honey Procurement and a veteran of the honey industry with over 10 years of experience sourcing honey and other products on an international basis. Brian Showerman, Director of Procurement at Natural American Foods, will also be joining the Global Quality Ingredients team.

Rolf Richter, Chief Executive Officer of Natural American Foods, said, “We are excited to launch Global Quality Ingredients and to welcome Chris Nubern to the Company, as we continue to develop Natural American Foods’ world-class procurement capabilities. With operations at Global Quality Ingredients well underway, we look forward to continuously sourcing the highest quality natural food products, on a global basis, for our loyal customer base.”

Global Quality Ingredients

Global Quality Ingredients is a global food ingredient procurement and trading company, dedicated to sourcing safe and traceable natural food products from around the world. Global Quality Ingredients, a subsidiary of Natural American Foods, buys and sells a variety of food ingredients, including honey, molasses, agave, and other natural products such as oils and nuts. Learn more at