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A small, clear bottle filled with amber agave syrup, corked with wood, against a teal background with the word AGAVE. A small, clear bottle filled with amber agave syrup, corked with wood, against a teal background, with the word AGAVE

Organic and
non-GMO verified

A map highlighting Mexican states, with Jalisco, Nuevo León, and San Luis Potosí in orange, others in grey.

Agave Sourcing

Sweet Harvest Foods has established strong relationships with expert suppliers to ensure the highest level of traceability. Our suppliers work with local agave farmers across 5 coastal regions in Mexico, where peak conditions for growing and harvesting agave are year-round.

By maintaining relationships and control of our sourcing, we provide a shorter supply chain and ensure the highest level of traceability and authenticity for our customers.

Golden honey drips from a wooden spoon into a glass bowl, with a honey jar in the background.

Custom Agave Offerings

Our agave is organic and Non-GMO Project verified. We offer:

  • Two available colors: light (min. 200 ICUMSA) and dark (min. 1,000 ICUMSA)
  • Branded & private label capabilities
  • Products with OU Kosher certification

Packaging Flexibility

We offer a wide variety of sizes and delivery methods to meet your specific packaging needs, including:






Agave Testing

Sweet Harvest uses the ICUMSA Color Grading Scale, the standard system for measuring the color of sugars.

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