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Pure honey
with custom blends

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Honey Sourcing

We have a history of sourcing 100% pure honey with the highest quality, and we’ve only gotten better. Sweet Harvest Foods offers the benefits of a complete sourcing model for honey. We start with a team on the ground who works first-hand with industry-leading beekeepers across the globe. The beekeepers we work with share our high-quality standards, and our team maintains those standards through the sourcing process until the honey is ready for bottling.

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Custom Honey Offerings

We ensure high-quality honey, and we also offer customblending capabilities to match required specifications including:  

  • Branded & private label capabilities
  • Customized blends
  • Certified organic options
  • Non-GMO project verified options
  • Products with OU Kosher certification

Packaging Flexibility

We offer a wide variety of sizes and delivery methods to meet your specific packaging needs, including:







Honey Testing

Sweet Harvest Foods uses the Pfund Color Grading System, the standard system for measuring the color of liquid honey, which is based on how light passes through it.

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