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Spoon dripping molasses into a bowl with, MOLASSES text against a dark blue background. Spoon dripping molasses into a bowl with MOLASSES text against a dark blue background

Direct from the source

Sunset over a green molasses field with a central path leading to the horizon.

Molasses Sourcing

Sweet Harvest Foods has established strong relationships with expert suppliers of molasses across the world. These relationships enable us to have a shorter supply chain and ensure the highest level of traceability and authenticity for our customers.  

Thick, dark molasses pouring from a spoon into a glass bowl, against a striped background.

Custom Molasses Offerings

We offer golden and blackstrap varieties, as well as: 

  • Branded & private label capabilities
  • Products with OU Kosher certification

Packaging Flexibility

We offer a wide variety of sizes and delivery methods to meet your specific packaging needs, including:





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